Dark spot on lip

The notice of black spots on the lips can lead to self-confusion, but typically they are not worrying at all. It is due to lifestyle and medical factors. Before going to discuss its causes let’s have a look at what is a dark spot on the lip.

            “Your lips are thinner than most areas of your body. Injuries, sun damage, discoloration, and other problems are most prone to occur.”

Causes of Dark spot on lip

The answer to why I have a dark spot on my lip lies behind its causes.

1. Lackness of Vitamins

Vitamins like B-12 can level the skin tone.

The skin may alter when the body is inadequate for certain vitamins. The vitamin insufficiency might also suggest a dark patch on the lips or uneven skin tone.

A doctor should identify deficiencies who can prescribe the addition of vitamin-rich foods to the diet or a multivitamin extra according to deficiency severity. Deficiencies should be detected.

A physician may, in severe situations, prescribe injections of vitamins.

2. Lack of water

The body can be affected by dehydration. In the face, it can lead to chopping, irritated skin and lips, due to a lack of water in the diet.

The lips might get raw and skin layers can peel off, resulting in tiny lesions. This can lead to scabs, scars and other colour changes in the lips.

A good deal of water and meals that include fluids will often avoid or treat mild dehydration throughout the day.

3. Excessive intake of iron

Excessive iron consumption might cause discoloration of your skin.

An individual may have too much iron in his or her body, as they take too many iron supplements or get many iron-rich blood transfusions.

Or, a person may be known as hemochromatosis is an inherited disorder. This causes the body to absorb too much iron, which can alter the color of the skin.

If an individual has extra iron, a doctor will monitor and control the levels carefully over time. The physician may advise you to regularly give blood. The iron may also be removed from prescription medicines.

4. Hormonal imbalance

Dark spot on the lip might be an indication of hormonal imbalance on the lips. Thyroid hormone levels which are both low and excessive may produce body patches or hyperpigmentation.

Contact a physician for a diagnosis and prepare a treatment plan.

5. Sunspots

These are patches of dull skin that may feel scaly or difficult. Sunspots are called actinic keratosis. The medical community.

Any skin that is exposed to the sun may have sunflowers.

Actinic keratosis is seen as a kind of precancerous of the abnormal cells that may develop over time to cancer in the afflicted regions.

All sunspots should be examined by your doctor. It might be recommended that any aberrant cells are frozen, scraped or cut off, or removed using chemical peels.

Lighten dark spot on lip

Here are some ways from which we can lighten dark spots on our lips which are following.

We can lighten them by using lemon, turmeric, aloe vera gel, and many other things. This problem can be done through lip blushing.

Here are complete guidelines if you still feel any ambiguity, feel free to contact us


freckles on top lip

Without a set of luscious pink lips, someone’s beauty stays incomplete. No doubt lip blushing gives an attractive look to our lips. In addition to attractiveness, our lips have a very significant utilitarian purpose. Everything, from food to kissing, calls for some lip engagement and we cannot dispute it. Therefore, regular care of the lips must be taken to maintain the lips soft, gentle, fed, and moisturized. However, we should not just be concerned about the colour and texture of lips. Many problems such as dry lips, chapped lips, pigmented lips, etc. prohibit this organ from becoming nice and enticing. Now we will talk about the issue that dims the beauty of our lips like freckles on lips.

Freckles on lips

Freckle is a common skin disease called ‘melanotic macule,’ characterized by tiny brown patches on the skin. When extra melanin (pigment) is produced in our skin, freckles form. They are present in skin regions that are exposed to the sun. In other words, in most situations, ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun causes freckles. These spots are usually innocuous and you don’t need to worry.

Do lip freckles are harmful?

Skin spots on your skin are little patches. Usually, they’re brown, although others may be redder. They normally live anywhere you receive the maximum exposure to the sun. Those with freckles may discover it or even their complete body on their cheeks and nose.

There are two kinds of freckles: one you have had since you were born and the other you have had as a result of exposure to the sun. In the summer months, your freckles might get more colourful; in the winter months, they generally fade.

Because of their position, freckles on lips are distinctive. Your lips are usually thinner and fragile because of 3 to 5 layers of skin in this area. This implies that any pigment under the skin is more visible on your lips. Freckle people tend to be more sun-sensitive skin and are prone to acquire freckles on their lips faster.

While lipsticks are usually not hazardous, there are certain signs that you should check out. Go to your dermatologist if the colour or texture changes with existing scrotums

  • Suddenly more scratches appear
  • Freckles seem to be elevated, not flat
  • The dryness or chopping of the new freckles.

Measures for prevention of freckles on lips 

We may all agree that attempts to avoid prevention are better than to remedy an issue after all. Whether you want to soften the scabbards on your lips or avoid age spots, you may take several steps. What is the overall topic? Protect the sun against your skin!

The wearing of an SPF lip balm is for your defence. Or maybe, but don’t want to use a separate lip product, you have facial sunscreens. You can also put some sunscreen on your lips in such a scenario. The green SPF 30 tea, which hydrates the face and protects the fine skin on the lips, is a pleasant and nutritious alternative. Please remember to apply once you have eaten or drunk! 

Eyebrow feathering

As far as tattooing goes, it’s not the eyebrows that you can think of initially. There appears to be a tough, unnatural, and well permanent makeup about tattooed eyebrows. I agree with it. Feathers touch brows are the way to go when it comes to a more permanent eyebrow solution – sure, they seem very soft and natural. Feather tattooed eyebrows came from Asia and stormed Melbourne. Techniques are popular among trendsetters in Los Angeles, New York, Milan, and Paris.

But what has that to do with you? Good question. – Good question. If you have sparse over-plucking eyebrows in your teens, naturally they are light on pigment or you are merely out of the brow section, feather touch brows might be the right remedy. I would love to assist you out if you were in Melbourne! I have folks traveling on the highway to get their brow corrected because of my specific training, technique, and competence.  Now, what is it?

‘’It is a technique of the pigmentation of genuine hair with needles/pins, which increases the importance of the eyebrow. The outcome is eyebrow hair that seems natural.’’

Difference between microblading and feathered tattooed eyebrows

Microblading is fairly similar, however, the distinction lies in the initial brows status and final results. Microblading is designed for thin and/or overcrowded brows, making them a clean, more full-fledged arch. Feathered tattooed eyebrows operate with the natural form of the brow and focus on drawing small strikes to fill gaps to provide a more realistic, flaky outcome. You have to have nice brows to start with feathered brows because the aim is only to enhance your already available – not to attempt to change the form too much.

Advantages of feathered tattooed eyebrows

  • Gives a natural appearance
  • Makes brows more fluffy and full
  • Is semi-permanent


You should aim to develop your brows as much as possible before your initial eyebrow feathering treatment. Try to go without your tweezers for six weeks – the longer you work with your brow expert, the better your outcome.

The treatment begins with an entangling cream app while you are at your session and you will find the color match that fits the dyes that are used in your brow artist. The incisions are created and the color is drawn on during the following two hours. Perfection you can’t haste!

Does the procedure hurt?

This is the question that often comes to our minds after knowing about the procedure. It is up to the individual. To ensure the region is numb initially, I can use an anesthetic lotion. Pressure may you notice. Some customers prefer earphones, so they don’t hear the operation so that they may listen to music. However, most clients (in particular busy mothers) enjoy a chance to relax. Many commented on the peacefulness of the living room.

Here is a complete instruction about feathered tattooed eyebrows. Get benefited from this amazing beauty by booking an appointment.

Laser tattoo removal results

For thousands of years, tattoos have been part of human civilization with many designs and symbolic meanings. It seems crucial to the struggle to express your distinctive personality. However, sooner or later many tattoo users regret their tattoo, and this creates a growing worldwide need for efficient and safe techniques of removing tattoos. One of the methods for removing tattoos is laser tattoo removal. Firstly we need to know how this procedure works

Working on laser tattoo removal

Lasers erase tattoos with a high-intensity laser beam by breaking down the pigment colour. A black tattoo is the most colour treatable and absorbs all laser wavelengths. Only chosen lasers depending on pigment colour can cure other colours.

First, you should contact a qualified practitioner who can assess and advise you on your tattoo. You will also be affected by the colour of your skin and the depth of the pigment in your tattoo.

Generally, during a laser tattoo removal, this is what you should expect:

  • A set of eye shields is provided to you.
  • The technician will examine the laser reaction of your skin to identify the most efficient treatment energy.
  • The technician uses the laser to deliver powerful light pulses through your skin’s top layers, which are only absorbed by the tattoo pigment.
  • Smaller tattoos will require less and bigger pulses will have to be removed. In any instance, numerous treatments are needed to entirely remove rid of a tattoo. Your tattoo should gradually get lighter with each visit.

The removal of laser tattoos is unpleasant, although anaesthesia is not necessary for most individuals. Depending on where your tattoo is situated you have to applied anaesthesia cream before the procedure.

Side Effects

It also has side effects. We must know about it. Effects on the side

Laser therapy is frequently safer than many other procedures of tattoo removal such as excision or dermabrasion because laser treatment addresses the tattoo pigment selectively. And relatively few adverse effects are present. In your choices, you should take into account of following factors:

The danger of infection is your tattoo removal location. And you’re going to have a tiny probability of a lifelong scar.

Your tattoo is unlikely to be erased altogether. Some colours can be removed more efficiently than others in many circumstances. For example, laser tattoo removal reacts well with blue and black tattoos.

You may eventually become hypopigmented and the treatment skin impaler into anaesthetic to than the skin around it. Hyperpigmentation may also result in skin that is darker for the afflicted skin than the rest.

After therapy, cosmetic tattoos such as the lip lining, the eyeliner, or the eyebrows may become darker. Over time, they tend to diminish.

Consult from an expert dermatologist

To avoid all the side effects you must consult an expert dermatologist or permanent makeup artist. We had an expert team who firstly consulted each and everything from you then applied the procedure of laser tattoo removal. For further information feel free to contact us


eyebrow threading

Eyebrows may radically transform the appearance of a face by correcting tiny defects like small eyes or eyes that are too wide apart. The appropriate brow shape can help to define and lengthen your face. It can also focus attention on the upper half of the face, distracting from flaws on the lower half.

 If you opt to remove brow hairs to enhance their shape, removing them by their roots (called epilation) is a terrific approach to produce smooth, longer-lasting effects.

Epilation includes both threading and waxing of the brows.

So, what’s better: threading vs waxing while giving the same results? Let’s see what we have in store.

Threading vs waxing –  How the procedure is carried out?

Waxing the brows is an age-old procedure in which an esthetician smears heated wax over the targeted area with a wooden spatula or stick. The waxed region of skin is then covered with a paper strip, which is smoothed and pressed onto the skin before being immediately pulled away. Hair is torn from the root, resulting in a smooth finish. After that, a lotion is usually administered to reduce pain and redness.

 What Is Eyebrow Threading?

It began in Asia and then became a famous worldwide procedure. Most estheticians will sit down with the customer taking into account the shape and coarseness of their hair. After that, they’ll cleanse and disinfect the areas in question.

Which Is More Durable: Waxing Vs Threading?

‘If done correctly, they both last the same amount of time. Because both procedures remove hair from the follicles, the usual treatment time is 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the individual.’



Waxing has the advantage of making hair grow back smoother and thinner after several applications, as well as growing back more slowly than shaving due to its precision.


‘Because this technique is less accurate than threading, the expert using it must be very experienced. ‘Waxing is not recommended for anyone who has had a chemical peel or is using Retinol. People with sensitive skin cannot enjoy the benefits of waxing.

Eyebrow Threading


Threading has several advantages, including being ideal for customers with sensitive skin, for retinol users, requiring less strain and pulling on the face, and avoiding the use of hot wax, which can irritate the area.


 It’s tough for the client to tighten the skin for a long time—if it’s not pulled tight enough, the skin can be cut. The threading discomfort is even more unpleasant.

Threading Vs Waxing – What Would You Choose?

Waxing is ideal for people with extremely thick brows or who find brow shaping extremely uncomfortable. It’s an excellent alternative for those who don’t enjoy threading or tweezing because it’s quick and gives immediate results.

Threading is made for people who have sensitive skin or those who used chemicals on their skin.

Choosing between threading vs waxing comes down to personal preference, as they both produce excellent outcomes. 


Volume eyelash extensions

Are you going to enhance your eyes beauty with eyelash extensions but which one? Surely an eyelash extension gives your eyes a brighter and bigger look. No doubt extensions give you eyelash enhancement. 

Are you going to do classic eyelash extensions or volume eyelashes? These are all the queries that come to your mind when you decide to do eyelash extension. Let’s have a look at each type of eyelash extension which helps you to make a better decision.

Volume eyelash extensions

Volume eyelash extension has an explanation in its name. It gives your eyelashes a huge volume with a dramatic look. The ratio for volume eyelash extension is 1:3 or 1:5. It means 3,4 or even 5 lashes will apply against each natural eyelash. Choice and decision is yours.  The ratio also specifies the dimension like 1:3 is known as 3D volume eyelash extension while 1:4 is called 4D volume eyelash extension and so on. The highest volume is 10D. 3D means 1:3 is best for a natural look as well as it gives you volume too but for a dramatic look go for 4D or 5D. The time for its application is 2 to 4 hours.

Classic eyelash extensions

Classic eyelash extensions give you a purely natural look. It is the standard type of eyelash extension. It has a ratio of 1:1 which means a single eyelash is going to apply against each natural eyelash. Compared to the volume eyelash extension, its price is lower. If you have already volumetric natural eyelashes then it is suitable for you as it will increase the thickness and add length. The time for its application is 1.5 to 2 hours.

Difference between volume eyelash extensions and classic eyelash extensions

The differences between these two ones are following:


Sometimes client priority is their budget. Classic extensions are cheaper than volume eyelash extensions.  


Classic one requires less time as compared to volume eyelashes extensions. As volume extensions need the high skills of technicians and have more complications for its application.

Life style

Your lifestyle will help you to better decide your choice of eyelash extensions. Classic extensions are the standard type of extensions. If you just want a simple natural look then it is best for you. If you want a dramatic look then go for volumetric eyelash extensions.

Nature of your eyelashes

If your eyelashes are already thicker then classic extensions can enhance your eyelashes beauty but if your eyelashes are less thick and small in number then volumetric eyelash extensions are best for you.

This is all about classic eyelash extensions and volumetric eyelashes extensions which will help you in making decisions. No doubt both extensions are eyelash enhancement and an important part of permanent makeup. Choice and decision will be yours. For further ambiguities feel free to ask. Our team of permanent makeup will feel glad to help you.


clean beauty

Beauty is our preference but what about clean beauty? Before going to discuss is it our preference let’s discuss first what is it? It means all the products that enhance your beauty and are also safe for you and your surroundings. In the competitive environment of beauty, some products stand for beauty but at the same time are not only harmful to you but also your surroundings. Ingredients like synthetic fragrances, aluminum, BHA/BHT and many more are harmful. So, we should avoid them.  But I must say there are brands whose priority is your clean beauty. They have products whose ingredients are natural and not harmful to your skin. So for it, you must see the ingredients that are written on the backside of any product that you are going to buy.

Clean beauty and natural beauty difference:

Both terms are equally positive. There are more similarities than differences. Clean beauty products contain all ingredients that are not harmful and toxin to the skin; they may be natural or any other ingredients. But specifically, if we talk about natural products they have all-natural ingredients. Both of them have a positive impact on the skin.

Organic beauty products:

If you have sensitive skin then organic beauty products are the most suitable choice for you. Because the chemicals are not harsh.

How will clean beauty be beneficial:

It has a lot of benefits for your skin.

  • Paraben-free

The role of paraben is to extend shelf life and it also stops the growth of bacteria but some researches show that paraben can lead to reproductive problems and somehow connected to breast cancer. So, it’s better to take precautions.

  • Microbeads

The products don’t include any microbeads as their ingredients. These are small pieces of plastics often used in scrubs. When after washing off it goes to oceans, it damages the habitat of ocean creatures.

  • SLS(sodium lauryl sulfate)

It makes your skin itchy.  This ingredient is often present in bathroom products. Clean beauty products use substances extracted from sugar.


If you use all the products free from the above-mentioned ingredients then it not only adds more beauty to your skin but also gives a soothing effect. It prevents you from itching, redness, and burning.


Every product is not suitable for every person. A single product that is beneficial for you may be harmful to the other. So it’s better to get permanent makeup that gives you a natural look. 

Recommendations for clean skin:

  • Clean your skin with the help of micelles water
  • Use sunscreen and moisturizer with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide because they reflect rays and are not absorbent to the skin.
  • Use creams and serums with glycolic acid. It makes your skin even tone.
  • Wash your skin in the morning
  • Use Vitamin C serum
  • Before going to bed try to use moisturizer for healthier skin

This is a guide for your healthy skin and clean beauty. If you have any queries feel free to contact us. We will feel happy to help you.


Vaseline on tattoo

Do you have a newly made tattoo on your body and want to know that you can put Vaseline on a tattoo? Don’t worry here we will provide you with the answer to this question with a brief knowledge.  

Prescription of Vaseline on tattoo 

Nowadays tattoos are becoming popular among people as permanent makeup to beautify themselves and attract more and more people towards them. It is often seen that after getting through these procedures, some tattooists suggest putting Vaseline on a tattoo while others ask you to avoid the use of Vaseline. This is the point of confusion for various people as there is no standard for tattoo aftercare. You can decide it by yourself after taking into consideration some points which we have mentioned below. 

Mechanism of action of Vaseline 

Vaseline is an ointment that is usually used at home as an over-the-counter drug. The application of Vaseline does not allow inside the water to perspire from the body. It locks the skin moisture which makes it suitable to use for dry skin, chapped lips, cracked heels, and other body parts. It provides a soothing effect to irritated skin. These wonderful effects make it widely used for various purposes on the skin.  

Effect of Vaseline on tattoo 

Although Vaseline can provide surprising effects to the dry and irritated skin on tattoos it is not very suitable. Some reasons are mentioned below 

  • Skin breathing 

Vaseline is a petroleum jelly e which is thick and nonporous. Applying a very thin layer of Vaseline on the skin completely locks the skin pores and does not allow an exchange of gases from your skin to the outside. Vaseline stops the oxygen supply of the skin and does not allow it to breathe.  

  • Damage to tattoo ink 

Putting Vaseline on a newly made tattoo can also damage your tattoo ink. This is because in fresh tattoos the ink has not penetrated to the deeper layer of the skin and thus some portion of it can be drawn out as you wash off the ointment. In this way, it can spoil your tattoo.  

  • Chances of infections 

Putting Vaseline on a tattoo also increases the chance of infection because you put an ointment without cleaning the area. An occlusive layer of ointment harbor germs below it giving rise to infections further. 

Vaseline Alternatives for  tattoo aftercare

There are many other appointments that you can use after tattoo care rather than using Vaseline. In contrary to Vaseline which is 100% petroleum jelly, these alternative ointments are 53 to 0% petroleum jellies. They help you to keep your skin hydrated after tattoo treatment and also reduce the itching sensation.  

  • A+ D healing ointment ( 50 3.4% petroleum jelly) 
  • Aquaphor healing ointment ( 41% petroleum jelly) 
  • Hustle butter (0% petroleum jelly) 


In light of all the above pros and cons, it is suggested to avoid the use of Vaseline on tattoos right after the treatment. It is wiser to use other alternative appointments to give a soothing effect to the skin


How to get rid of skin tags

A skin tag is a tiny, soft, flesh-colored skin growth that hangs off your skin. They are present all over the body but the most targeted places are under the breast, neck, and armpits. They can also be on eyelids. They are not harmful and don’t cause pain but they can be removed if they are the cause of your discomfort.

Who can have skin tags mostly

There is no gender discrimination when we talk about having it. It is common in both men and women, mostly in old age people especially diabetic patients and obese. The other specific target of them is pregnant women because of hormonal changes. It can also be developed in children and is more common In overweight people.

Why skin tags should remove

Sometimes they remove on their own as if they haven’t got enough blood supply and tissue falls off. If skin tags are disturbing you while wearing jewelry or clothes then definitely your mind compelled you to think about how to get rid of skin tags. Here are some suggestions 

Home Remedies for how to get rid of skin tags

You can also remove them from your home. Here are some home remedies

  • Tea tree oil

After washing the affected area, massage tea tree oil through a cotton swab and put on a bandage overnight. It takes a long time. Repeat it every day

  • Peel of banana

Your banana peel also helps you to get rid of this tag. Put banana peel on the affected area with a bandage. It also takes a long time.

  • Vinegar of apple

Put the soaked cotton on the tag for 15 to 30 minutes. It also takes a long time to repeat it regularly until you get rid of your tag.

  • Vitamin E

Its massage can also be helpful to you in getting rid of the tag.

These are all home remedies. It may or may not be effective; there is no guarantee of it. So it’s better to consult a doctor. Moreover, never try to remove large tags yourself because it can cause bleeding. Don’t use a nail clipper or any type of tool to get rid of it because it may cause infection and scarring. The doctor checks the condition of your skin and then applies the procedure that suits you. So it’s better to consult a doctor. 

How to get rid of skin tags medically:

Doctors use the following procedures to remove the skin tags

  • Cryotherapy: 

It is a technique in which a tissue is removed by using cold to freeze it. It is also known as cryoablation. They are removed by freezing them with the help of liquid nitrogen.

  • Removal through surgery:

The tags are cut through special scissors.

  • Burning:

Electric current passes through a wire that makes it hot. This burning wire is used for the take-off tag.

  • Ligation:

In this method blood supply cuts off to the skin tag. The cells are starting to die and the tag falls.

These are the methods that a doctor used while taking off tags. Which method is suitable for you depends on your condition. For further consultation book an appointment.


How to become a makeup artist

Are you curious to know how to become a makeup artist in Portland? The technique is very simple for that purpose. Do you first need to know what a makeup artist does? Let’s go through it step by step.

What does a makeup artist do? 

A makeup artist is a person who masters the professional skills of applying makeup to beautify the features and enhance the look of his customers. 

Makeup artists provide these services to clients in television shows, fashion shows, salons, wedding ceremonies, and much more.

Makeup artist in Portland 

Becoming a makeup artist is one of the successful careers in Portland because this is a highly emerging industry in Portland. People are getting more conscious about their beauty which raises the demand for beauticians in Portland. If you want to build your career as a makeup artist there you have to follow the following steps:

1. Finding an educational institution 

To equip people with the expertise of makeup artistry, many educational institutions provide professional education on how to become a makeup artist successfully in Portland. These institutions also provide online education in this field. They train you about the make-up application and give you special skills which are required for the field of temporary or permanent makeup artistry. 

2. Learning the tricks of the trade 

To get up-to-date knowledge from your chosen institution, you choose the courses which would help you to learn all the in-depth techniques which assist you in learning to become a makeup professional artist? So you take admission in any of such institutions to earn a license, degree, certificate along practical skills which are to be implemented in the practical makeup artistry line. It also helps you to learn all the tricks of the trade, secrets of the market, and command professionalism. 

3. Working in a professional line 

After becoming a makeup artist, you rule out the areas where you can showcase your skills to earn. In this way, to pursue your professional line, you can go ahead in three ways ranging from a simple start to a professional and successful career.  

1. Skincare Associate 

After getting training from a to make up school practice they to be an expert as a skincare associate. For that purpose, visit the nearby salons of Portland to hire you as a makeup artist. In the beginning, you can earn experience in this way. 

2. Freelance makeup artist

However, once you become an experienced makeup artist, you can start offering your services as a freelance makeup artist in Portland. There are many such options for providing your temporary or permanent makeup services to celebrities in films, dramas, television shows, fashion shows, etc.  

3. Makeup trainer 

After building your grand portfolio as a successful makeup artist, you can also be a makeup trainer for newbies. This is a great opportunity to extend your knowledge by teaching others how to become a makeup artist. You can quench the thirst of your younger ones who are inspired by the field of Portland makeup artistry. Moving ahead, you can also offer a Diploma in Professional makeup and An Advanced Diploma in Pro makeup Artistry thus helping them to achieve their dreams as a make-up artist.