How to become a makeup artist

The makeup industry is one of the most growing industries in the world. If you want to begin your career line as a makeup artist you need some considerations like do you need a license to become a makeup artist? Do you need other legal consents to work in a specific state? What expertise do you require to flourish your business? What are the marketing strategies to grab your customers? You must find the answers to these questions before landing in the field of makeup artistry. Just go through thorough research before entering this industry. Here we will discuss the answer to the first question that is done: you need a license to be a makeup artist.   

Before going into this you just need to know who is a makeup artist and how is it different from a cosmetologist and aesthetician?   

Who is a makeup artist?   

A certified makeup artist has a specialization in the application of makeup. This professional education is gained through a school, academy, or online study forum.  

How are makeup artists different from cosmetologists and aestheticians?  

These three are different from each other based on the type of procedures they perform. For example, a makeup artist applies makeup on the client, an aesthetician performs chemical peels, waxing, facials, etc. while cosmetologists provide services of hair and nail along with those of skin. The license of each one of them is issued accordingly.  

Do you need a license to become a makeup artist?  

To be a makeup artist there is no need for a license. One only requires special training, practice, and experience to be a perfect makeup artist. Such a professional doesn’t require any sort of license to work as a makeup artist in industries like television programs, commercials, sports modeling, fashion shows, and designers providing makeup services for printing ads.   

However, the rules and regulations may vary from state to state. There are some states which need a license. So, in such conditions, you have to consider that you need a license to be a permanent makeup artist according to the state you are working in. These States demand a license from a makeup artist if you are charging for the provision of makeup services from your clients.  

Which states need a license to be a makeup artist?   

New York, California, and Florida are some states in which you need a license to be a makeup artist.   

New York  

You need to complete 600 training hours to get an aesthetic and license. Your age should be 17 or above to earn this license.   


To work as a freelance makeup artist in television film or industries, there is no requirement for a license. However, this state issues licenses after completing 600 training hours and passing exams to the students who are at least 17 years old.   


You require a Florida skincare specialist license after the completion of 260 hours of instruction. Cosmix’s program offers licenses after 300 hours of training.  

To work as a makeup artist in India, Mississippi, Maryland, Illinois, Kansas, Georgia, Texas, Virginia, Washington etc. you do not need a license.

How long do lip tattoos last

Lip tattoos are becoming popular among people in the era of permanent makeup to look beautiful, attractive, and appealing. Most people are inclined towards long-lasting lip makeup which also includes tattoos on the lip. If you also desire to have a lip tattoo, you must know before the procedure that how long does a lip tattoo last? 

How long do lip tattoos last? 

The lip is one of the delicate parts of the body at which the tattoo is made. It comes in contact with different types of ingredients as the person intakes different categories of food.  

Factors affecting permanence of lip tattoo:  

How long does lip tattoo last may vary according to various factors? It is influenced by  

1. The type of treatment

Tattoo life depends upon the treatment method chosen for tattooing, the color of tattoo ink, choice of tattooing tools, etc. If all of these are put together accurately, then they let the lip tattoo last long.

2. The lifestyle of an individual 

 Lip tattoo is more likely to fade in individuals who take more acidic foods. This acidic intake breaks down tattoo ink thus causing the lip tattoo to lighten and fade earlier than the predicted time. 

Generally, the lip tattoo lasts as long as 1-3 years. 

Reasons due to which lip tattoos do not last long 

These are enlisted below:  

1. Rapid cell regeneration 

The skin mucosa inside the oral cavity of the mouth tends to regrow again and again in a very short period. This lets the pigment cells with tattoo ink shed off rapidly. As a result, the lip tattoo fades. 

2. Production of saliva 

The environment in the mouth is always moisture-rich due to the excessive production of saliva all the time. This moisture content breaks down the tattoo in letting the tattoo last less long.  

3. Acid containing environment 

The acidic environment of the mouth attacks the pigments of the tattoo and breaks them down. This is another reason you must consider while knowing how long do lip tattoos last?

How can a lip tattoo last long? 

A lip tattoo can last long if several measures are taken by the individual. These include: 

1. Use of mouthwash 

After smoking, drinking, or taking acidic food, it is very important to rinse your mouth with a mouthwash that can neutralize the pH of your mouth. It helps to keep the tattoos intact.  

2. Prevent infection 

The skin treated with tattoo pigments is more prone to thrive microorganisms. It can be prevented by taking proper care such as washing the mouth regularly with some alcohol-free mouthwash. It keeps the treatment area free from bacterial or viral growth.  

3. Ink penetration 

That tattoo ink penetrated in the deeper layers of the skin lasts for a longer period. For this purpose, place a paper towel between your both lips and press adequately to allow the ink to penetrate deeper.


How long do lip tattoos last is affected by several parameters? However, proper maintenance can increase the period of residence of the pigment.

cosmetically tattooed eyebrows

Aesthetic beauty has been one of the priorities of humans since ancient times. In every era, it changes its mode and techniques. With time man tries to find ways of permanent makeup. Cosmetically Tattooed eyebrows are one of the techniques to look more beautiful and gorgeous. It lessens your time of makeup as you don’t need any pencil to shape your eyebrows. The amazing benefit is it lasts even longer than microblading eyebrows and you can easily get rid of the worries of shaping eyebrows daily and can save money and time. Even microblading requires regular touch-ups. So, before any party, you need not worry about shaping eyebrows. It gives you a natural look. You can enjoy your swimming without the fear of eyebrow shape disturbance.

Cosmetically tattooed eyebrows Procedure

Here are cosmetically tattooed eyebrows procedures that everyone should know about.

1. Tattooed eyebrows through coil machine

It is a traditional way of tattooing. This machine uses the coils of electromagnetic waves. This coil moves the strip needle and the tattoo is formed according to the requirement. 

2. Tattooed eyebrows through hand method

If you don’t feel okay with the sound of machines used for tattoos then this method is most suitable for you. In this method, hand tools are used instead of electric machines. This method is closely related to the tebori tattoo, which is a traditional Japanese method. The tools poke the pigments into the skin.

3. Cosmetically tattooed eyebrows through soft shading technique

This technique is not separately used; it is applied with other techniques like hair stroke. It is known as a soft shading technique because a shader needle is used instead of an in-line needle for a softer look. The pigment is brushed. It gives you a soft background with a natural look.

4. Eyebrows through powder

If you just want to shape your eyebrows then this technique is best for you. If you have already eyebrows hairs and you just want to fill that area in a nutshell you just want enhancement then the powdery-filled technique is fit for you. It doesn’t include any hairline strokes.

5. Eyebrows tattoo through 3D technique

3 D is an amazing and popular technique for your eyebrow enhancement. It is also known as eyebrow embroidery. It gives you thicker and bolder eyebrows. Through the machine, pigments are added under the skin. By using this technique eyebrows seem to have natural hairs but it’s a replication of it.

These are the basic techniques for cosmetically tattooed eyebrows. These all techniques give you an intrinsic look. It is one of the most amazing permanent makeup techniques. Sometimes to gain your required results you need two sessions but mostly it is done in one sitting. And if you are worried about the dark color it lightens up after a week. For the shape of eyebrows, the choice is yours but we guide and consult you in every step. Moreover, we have some sample pictures that help you to decide.

Hope this information guides you about tattooed eyebrows. If you have any queries or for further guidance feel free to contact us. We will feel pleasure to help you.


types of eyelash extensions

Eyelash is one of the attractive parts of your eyes. It’s one wink that can make another person your fan. If you are looking to add volume, lift eyelashes, then eyelash extensions are best for you. Moreover, if you are tired of putting on mascara and want to get rid of it then eyelash enhancement is the solution for you. There are the necessary things that we should ponder before going for eyelash extension which is following

Eye shape, size, eyelids orientation. Most importantly, if you have any allergies or sensitivities do consult with a permanent makeup artist before. Even we discussed it in our consultation process.

There are different types of eyelash extensions.

Types of eyelash extensions

Types of eyelash extensions depend upon the material from which it is made. The material either extracted from animal fur or material made by man. 

Lash extensions from Mink:

This type of lash extension is not extracted from ordinary minks; even these are made from the fur of Chinese and Siberian minks. If you are a beginner then this type of lash extension is most suitable for you. Its weight is light. It gives your eyes a natural and fluffy look. But if you have allergy concerns related to animal fur then you should avoid this. 

Sable Lash extensions:

If you are looking for the thinnest eyelash extensions then sable eyelash extensions are the best match for you. Its weight is very low and gives you a wispy look. But if you are allergic to animal fur then avoid this because it is made from animal hairs.

Fox lash extensions:

It is a modern eyelash and trending nowadays. Moreover, it is a rare type of eyelash extension and not available in all salons. It is available in both tips: black and dyed ones. Again if you are allergic to animal fur then don’t go for it. 

Lash extensions from mink, sable lash extensions, fox lash extensions all are extracted from animal fur and need to be curled. Moreover, it is not good for people who are allergic to animal fur. You have a choice of man-made eyelash extensions too.

Types of man-made eyelashes extensions

Types of man-made extensions are following

Faux mink and fox eyelashes extensions

 If you want mink or fox eyelashes extensions but are allergic to animal fur then this is the best choice for you because it gives you that look but its material is man-made which prevents you from being allergic. The quality is always high and it is comfortable to wear.

Silk eyelashes extension:

These lashes aren’t made from silk but it looks like it. It is a little bit heavier than the above ones and used for special occasions.

Synthetic eyelashes extensions:

This type of eyelashes is the heaviest one with a shiny look.

XD eyelashes extensions:

It is one of the trending eyelashes available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 dimensions. Its application method is different and takes time to apply.


These are all the descriptions of types of eyelash extensions but if still, you find any ambiguity feel free to contact us.

pros and cons of tattoo

The thing that is common nowadays for self-expression and aesthetic beauty is the tattoo. It also helps you to cover up your marks. A tattoo is the type of body changing on your body using ink and needles. Tattoos are of two types i-e, permanent tattoo, and temporary tattoo. Both types are different in their functioning. Besides the trend, there are many pros and cons of tattoos.

Pros of having a tattoo:

1. Immunity: 

It can enhance your immunity according to recent research, Maybe you are thinking about how a tattoo can enhance immunity, the thing is it enhances your immune response. How is it possible? When you are having a tattoo you are entering external agencies which provoke your immune system.

2. Self-expression:

Tattoos are a source of self-expression. Through a tattoo, you are changing your body or adding something to it. The signs of tattoos may express your personality, culture or anything associated with you so it is a source of self-expression.

3. Beauty: 

Some people also make tattoos for their beauty for example sometimes they make tattoos for hiding a mark.  Sometimes they draw tattoos that help them to look more attractive and beautify

4. To cover scars

Sometimes we had a serious accident that not only affects us emotionally but also physically such that some scars remain on our bodies. To get rid of that thing, to cover the scars some people also drew the tattoo

5. Way of art: 

Many of us are art-loving. Tattoos are the true expression of art and often it is not temporary but permanent makeup. It means you are having an art piece on your body.

Cons of having a tattoo:

1. Affect your career:

Nowadays tattoo is too much trending that every second person has a tattoo whether at their hand or arms. But some companies don’t allow tattoos. So, it’s impossible for skilled people having tattoos to find a job or to remain at a post of a specific job even though he has is a professional expert.

2. Risk of health:

As the ink is used in a tattoo, some ink causes hyper responses. In licensed parlor cleanliness of the customer is a priority but the places where it has been ignored causes a risk of health. The needles that aren’t sterilized are the big cause of infections which may lead to severe diseases like HIV e.t.c.

So special care is necessary in this regard.

3. Old Fashioned:

Like everything tattoos too have trends and it lasts for a long time.  What do you think after 10 or 15 years isn’t your tattoo is going to be old-fashioned? Despite the trend, it may be possible you want to change the design as it’s human nature he becomes a bore due to same single thing for a long time.

4. Painful: 

The procedure of getting a tattoo is very painful. It needs your great tolerance and patience. So, if you have that patience then go for that tattoo otherwise half of the tattoo is not only useless but also seems bad.

5. Allergic:

Some people have sensitive skin and tattoos can cause allergies to their skin.

These are some pros and cons of tattoos but I must say if you are going to get a tattoo with all precautions then it is worth and in our parlors, we take care of every single thing that is close to health. For more details feel free to book an appointment with us.


benefits of microblading

Benefits of Microblading

Microblading is a form of permanent makeup which reshapes the eyebrows and helps you to get rid of the daily inconvenience of shaping eyebrows with the help of a pencil or some other temporary makeup tools.

This technique is best-loved among people due to its wonderful benefits. Here we are mentioning the benefits of microblading:

1. Budget-friendly

The topmost benefit of microblading is that it is a budget friendly and pocket-friendly e technique. The daily makeup also shares a lot from the budget. Consistent use of eyebrow pencil is just a rapid outflow of money from the pocket. Thus having microblading becomes the savior of money which you can spend anywhere else you want.

2. Time-saving

Time is the most precious element in this world. Putting up makeup daily consumes a lot of time and energy. Shaping the eyebrows daily with the help of a pencil is an exhausting task for lazy girls. Microblading shapes the eyebrows for a longer period which is a perfect service for such girls.

3. Permanent makeup

The long-term results of microblading are just a form of permanent makeup. It doesn’t require you to put on every morning and remove it at night with the help of some cleanser or makeup remover. The eyebrow pigment after microblading lasts for a longer period befitting all to your busy routine.

4. A safe procedure

It is also a very attractive benefit of microblading that the procedure is not harmful at all until carried out by an expert or a professional. This technique is all in all safe for the person. It doesn’t import harmful effects on the skin or eyes until you are allergic to the pigment used.

5. Long-lasting color

Long-lasting color of the pigment used for microblading lasts longer than the temporary makeup. Which makes it captivating for the customers. You can enjoy its results for up to 3 years or more.

6. Natural makeup 

To wear makeup but to look natural is always the best quality of makeup offered. Hence this is the major benefit of microblading that you can enjoy natural makeup touch. The process is carried out carefully that is why the processed pigment is just similar to natural hair.

7. Blueprint to your Eyebrows

Microblading provides a blueprint to your eyebrows so that they can look perfectly aligned ultimately making you look beautiful. It provides a perfect structure and excellent shape to your eyebrows.

8. No associated pain

The procedure is pain-free and hazard-free at all. The application of numbing cream before microblading offers a very safe and painless procedure. It reduces the chances of tenderness associated with microblading. 

9. Quick makeup

Microblading is a quick makeup technique that requires only 2 hours to carry out and lasts for months.

10. Waterproofing

The pigment used in microblading is waterproof. You can easily wash your face 2 days after getting this procedure the pigment is not at all affected by water.

For further details, feel free to contact us.


How to become an eyebrow specialist

Becoming an eyebrow specialist in this era of beauty and appearance promises a successful career. This is because eye treatments share a major part of the beauty industry which attracts more and more people towards getting eye procedures. Long-lasting and permanent makeup has become a rising demand in the makeup market.

The opportunities for an eyebrow specialist are well profit promising. The specialist can offer his services in a beauty salon as an employee or may start its enterprise. Both of these provide career security in the form of high earning and successful practical lines.

The qualification for eyebrow specialist

You need to get enrolled in some institution to obtain a diploma certificate in specialization in eyebrows. This institution equips you with all the necessary knowledge required for the technique. You also learn the practical implementation of your knowledge which makes you able to perform the procedures by yourself.

A diploma or certificate is especially required to work as an employee in a saloon. It provides solid proof of your skill. However, to build up your startup, the skillset is the most important thing.

The everyday practice of this procedure makes you master this skill and help you in becoming an unparalleled professional in your journey of becoming a microblading artist.

The expertise required to become an eyebrow specialist

An eyebrow specialist has mastered all the skills required to enhance the features by beautification and modification of eyebrows. To become an eyebrow specialist you require some more expertise than cosmetologists or other formal permanent makeup artists.

You should master the colouring skills of eyebrows. You have to be capable of making the right choice of colour and shade while doing an eyebrow procedure. You need to be well versed with

  • Colour the eyebrow hairs
  • Provide intensive eyebrow care
  • Reshaping the eyebrows
  • Building the eyebrows

How much money can you make by becoming an eyebrow specialist?

This is a high-income profession in which the fresh entrants can earn up to $11.30 per hour. However, securing your profession through a legal license makes this income double within an hour. More client satisfaction and intelligent marketing strategies increase this income more and more.

Stay in touch with professionals

The company of professionals polishes year skills and provides you with very practical advice which helps you to escalate your journey to success. Society of permanent cosmetic professionals is a very useful group to join which helps you to get more and more innovative ideas about your target field. You can obscure membership so that you can learn more and more about how to become an eyebrow specialist? It will enhance your skills as well as knowledge.

Practical fields for an eyebrow specialist

An eyebrow specialist can pursue his career by getting a job in a spa or a beauty clinic. It can be a good option for freshers who want to get experience in the field.

After getting experience and a sufficient amount of knowledge on how to become an eyebrow specialist; the specialist can start his own business very successfully. The business promises more profit than employment.


You can also contact us for more details.


what is a lash lift

What is a lash lift?

 It is one of the emerging cosmetic procedures which are getting common among the public due to its wonderful results. It is the process of uplifting of eyelashes that makes the eyelashes elongated, thick, curly, and thus appear beautiful. It provides the permanent curling of eyelashes which diminishes the need of using mascara daily. It is a very simple and affordable technique but quite painful during the application. It changes the appearance of a person by providing a younger, charming and attractive look. The feature enhancing the character of this procedure makes it more fascinating and popular.

The procedure is more appealing among young girls who want to get rid of the daily hustle of mascara by having a permanent alternative. The procedure seems to be very frightening and painful but the reality is entirely different.

Performance of lash lift

A lash shift is performed by a certified and experienced permanent makeup artist who has gone through the entire knowledge that what is a lash lift? This is because the results produced depend upon the expertise of the professional.

Being a cosmetic procedure it is performed in consideration of the desire and wants of the customer. The consultant provides the best advice after reviewing the customer’s desires.

First of all the eye area is cleanest with the help of a suitable cleanser. Then silicon roads are placed onto the eyelids. The eyelashes of the person are attached to the road by using some adhesive material. After positioning of eyelids appropriately, the therapist applies a lifting lotion onto the lashes so that they can be molded around the rod placed.

This whole procedure takes 45 to 60 minutes to complete.

Post-procedure care

Post-procedure care is very much necessary to enjoy the excellent results of the procedure. The customer is provided several advisory measures by the consultant to be aware of that what is a lash lift and what measures are required after the procedure?

After getting the procedure of lash shift, any sort of makeup is avoided. Use of mascara on the lashes is strictly prohibited for two days. Use of water for the face is not allowed to avoid the contact of water with eyelashes.

 For the nourishment of eyelashes, moisturizing oil is applied to let eyelashes grow actively. This procedure imparts aesthetic changes to your natural eyelashes and lets them look more captivating.

What are the side effects of a lash shift?

The already present literature does not throw very much light on what is a lash lift and its side effects. However, many signs and symptoms of allergic reaction have been observed associated with this procedure. Some other side effects seen after taking less shift procedure include:

  • Irritation in eyes
  • Dryness in eyes
  • Sensitivity of skin
  • Erythema
  • Inflammation on the treated area
  • Blistering

Various solutions used during the treatment come in contact with the eyes which result in burning or ulceration. Rubbing such an irritated eye results in the triggering of trauma.


A lash shift is considered to be a safe procedure to get a permanent makeup of eyelashes. But the ones who have experienced this procedure report some associated risks. These risk factors can be reduced if the practitioner is highly skilled and treatment is carried out in inappropriate conditions considering all the preventive measures.

Feel free to contact us for further information.


How to microblade eyebrows

How to microblade eyebrows?

In this busy century of 21, permanent makeup procedures are getting common among people day by day.  Microblading is one of them. This technique is used for reshaping the eyebrows into a perfectly symmetrical form to give a beautiful look to your face. Many spas or beauty salons offer microblading procedures by aestheticians or practitioner’s but it often gets costly for some people. That is why young girls with low budgets prefer to know how to microblade eyebrows so that they can do it at home by themselves. It helps to have a natural look and makes you pretty. Microblading eyebrows at home are not very costly or time-consuming but extensive care is needed in this way. You can do this procedure at your own risk.

 Instructions to microblade your eyebrows

Many of the YouTube videos and tutorials provide complete guidelines about how to microblade eyebrows. However, you can also consider the following points for your guidance on how to microblade eyebrows :

  • You can choose any place of your home which is free from dirt, contaminants and is safe and clean. 
  • Sterilize all types of equipment with the help of a disinfectant before using. 
  • Place all your required tools appropriately near you. It is very important to have a mirror in front of you.
  • Your workplace should be properly enlightened so that you can easily see yourself in the mirror.
  • Before starting the procedure sanitize your hands with a sanitizer or wash them with water.
  • Wear gloves on your hands to avoid contact with any sort of germs. 

The procedure to microblade eyebrows

You need to follow a specific procedure while knowing how to microblade your eyebrows :

Apply on numbing cream for 1 to 2 hours before the procedure. 

For starting the procedure, first of all, use an alcohol wipe on your eyebrows for cleaning them. Then dip the blade within the pigment you are using for microblading. Keep the blade at 45 degrees to your skin and start from the end of your eyebrow to the middle of it. Cautiously apply the pigment with the help of a blade in the direction of your natural eyebrows. Just press appropriately with the blade and distribute the pigment throughout. Don’t press very hard to avoid the chance of localized bleeding.

Repeat the steps and reshape your whole eyebrow. Follow the same for another eyebrow. This is often a bit tricky for the second eyebrow but you can go through it well with patience.

When you are done with it why of the excess pigment from any other place and see the results of your microblading in the mirror. Clean your workplace after completing the procedure.

Some general preventive measures

  • Avoid sharing your blade or other equipment with anyone. 
  • Do not use the already used equipment as it increases the chance of transmitting infections. 
  • Never drink alcohol for at least two days before microblading eyebrows. This is because alcohol makes the blood very thin and increases the risk of pinpoint bleeding.

I hope these all directions will be helpful for all of them who have a question about how to microblade eyebrows but if you have a little bit of confusion or ambiguity you can book an appointment with us. We feel pleasure to guide you.


microblading business

An aesthetician can start a microblading business if he or she is well equipped with all the requirements of this business. This startup promises success if carried out in the best possible way because microblading is getting popular among people especially celebrities day by day. This is one of the forms of permanent makeup which perfectly reshapes the eyebrows with the help of a small blade.




To start the journey of  and to achieve the goal following milestones need to be covered:


  • Skill or expertise of the procedure


It is very important to be well versed with microblading technique before stepping into its professional line. For this purpose, a sufficient quality of qualification or certification is needed to perform this procedure legally and to pursue this career. Many well-reputed institutions like the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals SPCP or the American Academy of Micropigmentation AAM are offering professional training in microblading. It is important to get certified and trained from any of such institutions to have thorough practical and theoretical knowledge about microblading.


  • Legal Consent or a License


Many of the states or countries require a  license before starting this business. To avoid any e legitimation issues afterward, it is very important to secure the business with the license. Industry experts can assist you in obtaining the license such as from SPCP  or AAM.


  • Building a microblading business plan


A business plan is the heart of your business. It Is the road map that helps you to analyze your capital, organize your resources to put them to their best use. The business plan also helps you to evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, market competitors and proper steps to be followed to achieve success.


  • Tools and equipment


Your business required ample capital to buy a proper building location, furniture, machinery, blades, solutions, etc. You will also need to hire some assistants to deliver your customers quality services.


  • Marketing 


Marketing is a very important step for any business. It makes your product or service well known to the customers and attracts more and more customers to enjoy your services. For this purpose, the branding and designing of your business are very important. Providing your business an enthralling brand name and visual presentation and then advertising it, makes it popular among people. Keeping in mind the trends of the modern. era don’t hesitate to grow your business online. Advertise it on social media, make a website, get the orders online to stay in touch with people, and increase the customer rate. You can also do some other customer-catching strategies to grow your business.


  • Stay up to the date


It is very important for any business, even for your microblading business, to stay up to date to keep it growing and rising every day. For this purpose, several modifications and innovations are always helpful in grabbing the customer’s attention. To grow your business you need to stay updated about the desire and wants of the public, everyday rising trends, the lifestyles, behaviors, and priorities to get microblading procedures. It can be done in the form of offering different types of services, providing special discounts, announcing some event sales, etc.


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