cosmetically tattooed eyebrows

Aesthetic beauty has been one of the priorities of humans since ancient times. In every era, it changes its mode and techniques. With time man tries to find ways of permanent makeup. Cosmetically Tattooed eyebrows are one of the techniques to look more beautiful and gorgeous. It lessens your time of makeup as you don’t need any pencil to shape your eyebrows. The amazing benefit is it lasts even longer than microblading eyebrows and you can easily get rid of the worries of shaping eyebrows daily and can save money and time. Even microblading requires regular touch-ups. So, before any party, you need not worry about shaping eyebrows. It gives you a natural look. You can enjoy your swimming without the fear of eyebrow shape disturbance.

Cosmetically tattooed eyebrows Procedure

Here are cosmetically tattooed eyebrows procedures that everyone should know about.

1. Tattooed eyebrows through coil machine

It is a traditional way of tattooing. This machine uses the coils of electromagnetic waves. This coil moves the strip needle and the tattoo is formed according to the requirement. 

2. Tattooed eyebrows through hand method

If you don’t feel okay with the sound of machines used for tattoos then this method is most suitable for you. In this method, hand tools are used instead of electric machines. This method is closely related to the tebori tattoo, which is a traditional Japanese method. The tools poke the pigments into the skin.

3. Cosmetically tattooed eyebrows through soft shading technique

This technique is not separately used; it is applied with other techniques like hair stroke. It is known as a soft shading technique because a shader needle is used instead of an in-line needle for a softer look. The pigment is brushed. It gives you a soft background with a natural look.

4. Eyebrows through powder

If you just want to shape your eyebrows then this technique is best for you. If you have already eyebrows hairs and you just want to fill that area in a nutshell you just want enhancement then the powdery-filled technique is fit for you. It doesn’t include any hairline strokes.

5. Eyebrows tattoo through 3D technique

3 D is an amazing and popular technique for your eyebrow enhancement. It is also known as eyebrow embroidery. It gives you thicker and bolder eyebrows. Through the machine, pigments are added under the skin. By using this technique eyebrows seem to have natural hairs but it’s a replication of it.

These are the basic techniques for cosmetically tattooed eyebrows. These all techniques give you an intrinsic look. It is one of the most amazing permanent makeup techniques. Sometimes to gain your required results you need two sessions but mostly it is done in one sitting. And if you are worried about the dark color it lightens up after a week. For the shape of eyebrows, the choice is yours but we guide and consult you in every step. Moreover, we have some sample pictures that help you to decide.

Hope this information guides you about tattooed eyebrows. If you have any queries or for further guidance feel free to contact us. We will feel pleasure to help you.


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