How to become a makeup artist

The makeup industry is one of the most growing industries in the world. If you want to begin your career line as a makeup artist you need some considerations like do you need a license to become a makeup artist? Do you need other legal consents to work in a specific state? What expertise do you require to flourish your business? What are the marketing strategies to grab your customers? You must find the answers to these questions before landing in the field of makeup artistry. Just go through thorough research before entering this industry. Here we will discuss the answer to the first question that is done: you need a license to be a makeup artist.   

Before going into this you just need to know who is a makeup artist and how is it different from a cosmetologist and aesthetician?   

Who is a makeup artist?   

A certified makeup artist has a specialization in the application of makeup. This professional education is gained through a school, academy, or online study forum.  

How are makeup artists different from cosmetologists and aestheticians?  

These three are different from each other based on the type of procedures they perform. For example, a makeup artist applies makeup on the client, an aesthetician performs chemical peels, waxing, facials, etc. while cosmetologists provide services of hair and nail along with those of skin. The license of each one of them is issued accordingly.  

Do you need a license to become a makeup artist?  

To be a makeup artist there is no need for a license. One only requires special training, practice, and experience to be a perfect makeup artist. Such a professional doesn’t require any sort of license to work as a makeup artist in industries like television programs, commercials, sports modeling, fashion shows, and designers providing makeup services for printing ads.   

However, the rules and regulations may vary from state to state. There are some states which need a license. So, in such conditions, you have to consider that you need a license to be a permanent makeup artist according to the state you are working in. These States demand a license from a makeup artist if you are charging for the provision of makeup services from your clients.  

Which states need a license to be a makeup artist?   

New York, California, and Florida are some states in which you need a license to be a makeup artist.   

New York  

You need to complete 600 training hours to get an aesthetic and license. Your age should be 17 or above to earn this license.   


To work as a freelance makeup artist in television film or industries, there is no requirement for a license. However, this state issues licenses after completing 600 training hours and passing exams to the students who are at least 17 years old.   


You require a Florida skincare specialist license after the completion of 260 hours of instruction. Cosmix’s program offers licenses after 300 hours of training.  

To work as a makeup artist in India, Mississippi, Maryland, Illinois, Kansas, Georgia, Texas, Virginia, Washington etc. you do not need a license.

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