Eyelash Enhancements in Portland


For a woman, eye makeup is an important part. A makeup without eye makeup is incomplete. In the morning, we try our best to apply eyeliner like a pro. But most of us are not able to use them correctly. And some of us don’t do it because of a hectic routine. For these types of females, permanent eyelash enhancement is the best technique.


As eyes are the most delicate area of the human body. Every treatment that is done should be done carefully. A little bit of carelessness can be risky. Eyelash enhancement treatment is done with the help of a small device in which the ink is filled. This device creates a thin line of eyeliner. This eyeliner is invisible but gives filled beautiful eyelashes.



Most people do not like to apply eyeliner on their eyes because of their nasty routine. Looking beautiful is the right of every woman. For working ladies, who have to do a lot of work in their offices, it is not always easy for them to reapply these eyeliners. For this, our makeup stylist learns a new way of enhancing eyes through semi-permanent makeup techniques. They create a thin layer under your eyelashes through which they look to fill and beautiful.

In most cases, people are asked they want to fill both lower and as well as upper eyelashes. In this way, we make sure that they get what they desire.


In medical treatments, people usually recovered in no time. Unlike medical treatments, cosmetic treatments require some time to get fully recovered. And in eyelash enhancement, it takes a lot of time based on which technique you enhance your eyes. You have to take some extra care of your eyes in that period. We also do some sessions in that period to check whether they are recovering or not.


People with thin eyelashes can get this treatment whenever they need it. But if you are suffering from any eye disease, then 1st you have to make an appointment whether this treatment is suitable for them or not? Our excellent professionals will guide them in the best possible way. They advise them which thing is right for them and which is not.


Eyelash enhancement treatment costs depend upon the type of treatment. It means through which way they are getting their eyes enhanced. As permanent makeup, eyeliner can save you from day to day application, but it can be costly. It varies within the range of $500 to $1000. This is a rough estimate. However, other touchups are around $200 to $300.

Ailis beauty lab is providing you this treatment at the lowest possible price. We have experienced professionals who are serving in this field for many years. You don’t need to worry about anything.