Does eyebrow piercing hurt

How Bad Does Eyebrow Piercing Hurt?

If you’re wondering, does eyebrow piercing hurt? You must continue reading this article till the end. The discomfort associated with brow piercing is a common worry.

The pain threshold for brow piercings is quite low. Of course, pain varies from person to person, but while eyebrow piercings only pierce a small bit of skin, they’re regarded as one of the most painful piercings available. 

The piercing needle will be razor-sharp and will swiftly puncture the flesh. You will feel a severe pinch as the needle goes through, but it will only last a few seconds. 

When obtaining an eyebrow piercing, however, some people will naturally endure greater discomfort than others. Even though this pain cannot be completely prevented, there are strategies to minimize the amount of discomfort you experience after having your eyebrows pierced. 

  • Make sure you’re in good shape and prepared for the appointment.
  • Get some rest and eat something before getting your ears pierced (even if the stress makes you feel sick!). 
  • Finally, don’t get too worked up over it: the worst of it will be over in a matter of seconds. 

During the procedure, pain can be reduced by numbing up the skin. Here we have mentioned some ways to numb up the skin:

Numb the Skin for Piercing Purpose

You must soothe your area of piercing by applying a numbing gel or lotion locally if you question that does eyebrow piercing hurt? And also want to get rid of it’s crucial because if you panic, your piercing could become misplaced. 

  • Numbing cream

Different types of numbing lotion or gel can be found in your local market or online. Most of them contain lidocaine and provide you relief from procedural pain. 

  • Clove Oil 

Clove oil can be used as a substitute for numbing cream. Because it causes a strong sensation on the skin, it may distract you from the discomfort of the piercing. However, these are merely alternatives to numbing cream or gel and should not be used in place of them. It can merely distract your mind from the agony, so you will feel less pain. 

  • Ice application

One of the most efficient pain relievers is ice, which may also be used to numb the pain. Rub the area to be pierced with an ice cube(ensure a barrier of cloth between the ice and your skin). 

You’ll notice it’s numbing after a few minutes of pressing it. Start piercing as soon as you know the area is completely numb. 

To a degree, ice will numb your skin because it just numbs the skin’s surface. 

The pores of the skin’s outer layer are tightened by numbing them with ice. Hollow needles find it difficult to pierce the ice. 

  • Patting

This is the most straightforward technique to numb your skin but it is not very efficient. The reason is that the numbness generated by patting the skin only lasts a short period. 

Skin numbness can be caused by repeatedly patting your skin in the same spot for an extended period. I’ve never tried this method, but I’ve heard it works from others. 

It is effective for persons who have a high pain tolerance. However, if you have low pain tolerance, this is never a good choice. 

These methods are alternatives that can be employed, but if you are afraid, I would not advocate doing any natural DIY projects. 

I hope you’ve got the answer to your query i.e, does eyebrow piercing hurt and also the ways to get rid of it. Contact us for more details.


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