How long do lip tattoos last

Lip tattoos are becoming popular among people in the era of permanent makeup to look beautiful, attractive, and appealing. Most people are inclined towards long-lasting lip makeup which also includes tattoos on the lip. If you also desire to have a lip tattoo, you must know before the procedure that how long does a lip tattoo last? 

How long do lip tattoos last? 

The lip is one of the delicate parts of the body at which the tattoo is made. It comes in contact with different types of ingredients as the person intakes different categories of food.  

Factors affecting permanence of lip tattoo:  

How long does lip tattoo last may vary according to various factors? It is influenced by  

1. The type of treatment

Tattoo life depends upon the treatment method chosen for tattooing, the color of tattoo ink, choice of tattooing tools, etc. If all of these are put together accurately, then they let the lip tattoo last long.

2. The lifestyle of an individual 

 Lip tattoo is more likely to fade in individuals who take more acidic foods. This acidic intake breaks down tattoo ink thus causing the lip tattoo to lighten and fade earlier than the predicted time. 

Generally, the lip tattoo lasts as long as 1-3 years. 

Reasons due to which lip tattoos do not last long 

These are enlisted below:  

1. Rapid cell regeneration 

The skin mucosa inside the oral cavity of the mouth tends to regrow again and again in a very short period. This lets the pigment cells with tattoo ink shed off rapidly. As a result, the lip tattoo fades. 

2. Production of saliva 

The environment in the mouth is always moisture-rich due to the excessive production of saliva all the time. This moisture content breaks down the tattoo in letting the tattoo last less long.  

3. Acid containing environment 

The acidic environment of the mouth attacks the pigments of the tattoo and breaks them down. This is another reason you must consider while knowing how long do lip tattoos last?

How can a lip tattoo last long? 

A lip tattoo can last long if several measures are taken by the individual. These include: 

1. Use of mouthwash 

After smoking, drinking, or taking acidic food, it is very important to rinse your mouth with a mouthwash that can neutralize the pH of your mouth. It helps to keep the tattoos intact.  

2. Prevent infection 

The skin treated with tattoo pigments is more prone to thrive microorganisms. It can be prevented by taking proper care such as washing the mouth regularly with some alcohol-free mouthwash. It keeps the treatment area free from bacterial or viral growth.  

3. Ink penetration 

That tattoo ink penetrated in the deeper layers of the skin lasts for a longer period. For this purpose, place a paper towel between your both lips and press adequately to allow the ink to penetrate deeper.


How long do lip tattoos last is affected by several parameters? However, proper maintenance can increase the period of residence of the pigment.

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