how long does a tattoo take

How long does a tattoo take? While many individuals prefer to ask themselves how many tattoos are costing, many do not know how long a tattoo truly takes. Because the two go together, however, on both sides of the equation it is vital to be educated.

While talking about how long does a tattoo take? Every tattoo artist is a little bit different from the other one.Coming to a free tattoo consultation allows you to know exactly how long it takes for your tattoo. We suggest that we chat with a skilled permanent makeup tattoo artist. In the meanwhile, here are some clues to decide the length of your tattoo.

Factors that explain how long does a tattoo take

Size of tattoo

The tattoo’s size is the most obvious determinant in the duration of a tattoo.One of the latest tattoo trends, little tattoos, maybe some of the rapidly completed tattoos. Little and easy, small tattoos generally require only one visit. 577 little tattoos were given by existing world record holders in 24 hours.

There are several sessions for a huge tattoo, such as a whole sleeve. The fastest you may expect is around 4-8 weeks to finish the sleeve tattoo. In certain instances, it may take 1 to 2 years to complete a sleeve tattoo. The region with tinctures would also be quite vast and potentially intricate in such a scenario, the skin may take longer to heal than normal.


Choosing a basic tattoo vs a complicated tattoo may change the time length of your tattoo. Often, unexpectedly, a more intricate tattoo takes longer than a basic tattoo design. The longer a tattoo takes the more details, colors, and shades you need.

Choosing a permanent makeup artist

It is vital to ensure that the artist is suitable for the tattoo shop you choose to bring to life your tattoo. The specialties of each tattoo artist are unique. Choose a photographer with the abilities you desire. The more expertise you have in making the kind of tattoo you desire, the quicker the procedure. Above all, your experience will ensure that the tattoo is more satisfying. Choosing a professional tattoo artist in the type you desire implies better tattooing and a faster process. Review the portfolio of tattoo shops to check their work quality and experience in various styles.

Session length

  • Typically, from one hour onward, it might be a duration.
  • The usual session is around five hours, average and reasonable time period. Short or longer sessions, however, are not rare.
  • They might select a day session depending on your artist. Typically they are around 7 to 8 hours more – if you can stomach it!
  • You could discover that you require more than one session for your tattoo to be done if your side is to be larger with a lot of detail.
  • It may take up to 20 hours to produce a full back piece with details and many colors.

You may also make and print your stencil an appointment (the outline of your tattoo to be transferred onto your skin, before being tattooed). You may also have to modify your design and modify it to meet your final approval. It also needs to adapt to the countryside and the natural flow of the inked portion of the body.

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Hopefully, this page gives you a better sense of how long does a tattoo take, and what your schedule may be. The easiest approach to get your tattoo started is to make a reservation and choose your next tattoo design. Our permanent makeup artist will feel pleasure to help you.

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