How to get rid of skin tags

A skin tag is a tiny, soft, flesh-colored skin growth that hangs off your skin. They are present all over the body but the most targeted places are under the breast, neck, and armpits. They can also be on eyelids. They are not harmful and don’t cause pain but they can be removed if they are the cause of your discomfort.

Who can have skin tags mostly

There is no gender discrimination when we talk about having it. It is common in both men and women, mostly in old age people especially diabetic patients and obese. The other specific target of them is pregnant women because of hormonal changes. It can also be developed in children and is more common In overweight people.

Why skin tags should remove

Sometimes they remove on their own as if they haven’t got enough blood supply and tissue falls off. If skin tags are disturbing you while wearing jewelry or clothes then definitely your mind compelled you to think about how to get rid of skin tags. Here are some suggestions 

Home Remedies for how to get rid of skin tags

You can also remove them from your home. Here are some home remedies

  • Tea tree oil

After washing the affected area, massage tea tree oil through a cotton swab and put on a bandage overnight. It takes a long time. Repeat it every day

  • Peel of banana

Your banana peel also helps you to get rid of this tag. Put banana peel on the affected area with a bandage. It also takes a long time.

  • Vinegar of apple

Put the soaked cotton on the tag for 15 to 30 minutes. It also takes a long time to repeat it regularly until you get rid of your tag.

  • Vitamin E

Its massage can also be helpful to you in getting rid of the tag.

These are all home remedies. It may or may not be effective; there is no guarantee of it. So it’s better to consult a doctor. Moreover, never try to remove large tags yourself because it can cause bleeding. Don’t use a nail clipper or any type of tool to get rid of it because it may cause infection and scarring. The doctor checks the condition of your skin and then applies the procedure that suits you. So it’s better to consult a doctor. 

How to get rid of skin tags medically:

Doctors use the following procedures to remove the skin tags

  • Cryotherapy: 

It is a technique in which a tissue is removed by using cold to freeze it. It is also known as cryoablation. They are removed by freezing them with the help of liquid nitrogen.

  • Removal through surgery:

The tags are cut through special scissors.

  • Burning:

Electric current passes through a wire that makes it hot. This burning wire is used for the take-off tag.

  • Ligation:

In this method blood supply cuts off to the skin tag. The cells are starting to die and the tag falls.

These are the methods that a doctor used while taking off tags. Which method is suitable for you depends on your condition. For further consultation book an appointment.


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