How to microblade eyebrows

How to microblade eyebrows?

In this busy century of 21, permanent makeup procedures are getting common among people day by day.  Microblading is one of them. This technique is used for reshaping the eyebrows into a perfectly symmetrical form to give a beautiful look to your face. Many spas or beauty salons offer microblading procedures by aestheticians or practitioner’s but it often gets costly for some people. That is why young girls with low budgets prefer to know how to microblade eyebrows so that they can do it at home by themselves. It helps to have a natural look and makes you pretty. Microblading eyebrows at home are not very costly or time-consuming but extensive care is needed in this way. You can do this procedure at your own risk.

 Instructions to microblade your eyebrows

Many of the YouTube videos and tutorials provide complete guidelines about how to microblade eyebrows. However, you can also consider the following points for your guidance on how to microblade eyebrows :

  • You can choose any place of your home which is free from dirt, contaminants and is safe and clean. 
  • Sterilize all types of equipment with the help of a disinfectant before using. 
  • Place all your required tools appropriately near you. It is very important to have a mirror in front of you.
  • Your workplace should be properly enlightened so that you can easily see yourself in the mirror.
  • Before starting the procedure sanitize your hands with a sanitizer or wash them with water.
  • Wear gloves on your hands to avoid contact with any sort of germs. 

The procedure to microblade eyebrows

You need to follow a specific procedure while knowing how to microblade your eyebrows :

Apply on numbing cream for 1 to 2 hours before the procedure. 

For starting the procedure, first of all, use an alcohol wipe on your eyebrows for cleaning them. Then dip the blade within the pigment you are using for microblading. Keep the blade at 45 degrees to your skin and start from the end of your eyebrow to the middle of it. Cautiously apply the pigment with the help of a blade in the direction of your natural eyebrows. Just press appropriately with the blade and distribute the pigment throughout. Don’t press very hard to avoid the chance of localized bleeding.

Repeat the steps and reshape your whole eyebrow. Follow the same for another eyebrow. This is often a bit tricky for the second eyebrow but you can go through it well with patience.

When you are done with it why of the excess pigment from any other place and see the results of your microblading in the mirror. Clean your workplace after completing the procedure.

Some general preventive measures

  • Avoid sharing your blade or other equipment with anyone. 
  • Do not use the already used equipment as it increases the chance of transmitting infections. 
  • Never drink alcohol for at least two days before microblading eyebrows. This is because alcohol makes the blood very thin and increases the risk of pinpoint bleeding.

I hope these all directions will be helpful for all of them who have a question about how to microblade eyebrows but if you have a little bit of confusion or ambiguity you can book an appointment with us. We feel pleasure to guide you.


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