Laser tattoo removal results

For thousands of years, tattoos have been part of human civilization with many designs and symbolic meanings. It seems crucial to the struggle to express your distinctive personality. However, sooner or later many tattoo users regret their tattoo, and this creates a growing worldwide need for efficient and safe techniques of removing tattoos. One of the methods for removing tattoos is laser tattoo removal. Firstly we need to know how this procedure works

Working on laser tattoo removal

Lasers erase tattoos with a high-intensity laser beam by breaking down the pigment colour. A black tattoo is the most colour treatable and absorbs all laser wavelengths. Only chosen lasers depending on pigment colour can cure other colours.

First, you should contact a qualified practitioner who can assess and advise you on your tattoo. You will also be affected by the colour of your skin and the depth of the pigment in your tattoo.

Generally, during a laser tattoo removal, this is what you should expect:

  • A set of eye shields is provided to you.
  • The technician will examine the laser reaction of your skin to identify the most efficient treatment energy.
  • The technician uses the laser to deliver powerful light pulses through your skin’s top layers, which are only absorbed by the tattoo pigment.
  • Smaller tattoos will require less and bigger pulses will have to be removed. In any instance, numerous treatments are needed to entirely remove rid of a tattoo. Your tattoo should gradually get lighter with each visit.

The removal of laser tattoos is unpleasant, although anaesthesia is not necessary for most individuals. Depending on where your tattoo is situated you have to applied anaesthesia cream before the procedure.

Side Effects

It also has side effects. We must know about it. Effects on the side

Laser therapy is frequently safer than many other procedures of tattoo removal such as excision or dermabrasion because laser treatment addresses the tattoo pigment selectively. And relatively few adverse effects are present. In your choices, you should take into account of following factors:

The danger of infection is your tattoo removal location. And you’re going to have a tiny probability of a lifelong scar.

Your tattoo is unlikely to be erased altogether. Some colours can be removed more efficiently than others in many circumstances. For example, laser tattoo removal reacts well with blue and black tattoos.

You may eventually become hypopigmented and the treatment skin impaler into anaesthetic to than the skin around it. Hyperpigmentation may also result in skin that is darker for the afflicted skin than the rest.

After therapy, cosmetic tattoos such as the lip lining, the eyeliner, or the eyebrows may become darker. Over time, they tend to diminish.

Consult from an expert dermatologist

To avoid all the side effects you must consult an expert dermatologist or permanent makeup artist. We had an expert team who firstly consulted each and everything from you then applied the procedure of laser tattoo removal. For further information feel free to contact us


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