LED light therapy

Light Emitting Diode therapy

LED light therapy or Light emitting diode therapy is one of the emerging technologies for aesthetic and therapeutic effects of the skin. In various skincare centers, it is used for anti-aging purposes. This is because it improves blood circulation, induces collagen production, treating fine lines and wrinkles, and also in repairing the damaged skin cells. On the other hand, it promotes therapeutic effects in treating inflammatory skin conditions such as acne. It also triggers the healing process of wounds and enhances cellular metabolism. It provides a combination of anti-inflammatory as well as disinfective results.

The following three types of lights are generally used in LED light therapy. Each of them is applied for different types of treatments:

  1. Blue LED 
  2. Red LED 
  3. Yellow LED 

1.Blue LED light therapy

The blue light of 413 nm is used. It provides 100% non-invasive and natural therapeutic effects. Its antimicrobial effects are very helpful for killing the acne-causing bacteria. The affected area is exposed in blue light for about half an hour. It can result in localized inflammation and dryness on the skin. Apart from the treatment of skin diseases like actinic keratosis, sun damage, and melanomas (skin cancers), it can also be used for the reversal of depression.

2.Red LED light therapy

The red light has a longer wavelength that is 660 nm. In the skin, it has deeper penetration. It helps in skin rejuvenation that makes it a very useful technique in various beauty clinics. It can be used in the treatment of alopecia, diabetic foot ulcers, psoriasis Sun damage, sores, osteoarthritis, scar removal, oral mucositis, etc.

3.Yellow LED light therapy

The wavelength of yellow LED falls between red and blue that is 590- 560nm. It promotes blood flow in the skin which is very helpful in wound healing. It is helpful in the elimination of toxins from the exposed area by the lymphatic system. Yellow LED light therapy maintains skin hydration by retaining moisture in it. In this way, it plays a very beneficial role in the skincare regimen. Its therapeutic effects have very wide applications in the treatment of sun damage, rosacea, revitalization of damaged skin tissues, soothing irritated and sensitive skin, production of red blood cells.


Many skin diseases have shown remarkable effects after getting treated by phototherapy. The number of sessions of light therapy depends upon the variety of skin conditions. Unlike laser therapy, it neither burns the skin nor causes any type of pain. The procedure is non-invasive which makes it very useful for the treatment of patients of any age, even neonates.

Side effects

Generally, light therapy is very safe to use and provides efficient results. Various precautionary measures are followed to avoid any sort of side effects while using such a therapeutic procedure. Eyes are protected by wearing goggles. It is not suitable for people with already photosensitive skin. This treatment can impart the following side effects:

  • Skin irritation
  • Strain on the eyes
  • Headache

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