Women are more concerned about their appearance. A lit bit of imperfection in their skin can make them anxious about their appearance. Looking beautiful is in their nature. For this purpose, they apply tons of makeup. But for working women, doing makeup in front mirror while standing can be tiresome.

For this reason, girls find a new way of presenting themselves to the world. This technique is called permanent makeup. However, this makeup will not last for whole life, but it will last for a couple of years.


Lip blushing is a way of enhancing your lips to get a more attractive outlook. If you have dark lips or your natural lip color is not as good as you desire, you can consider lip tattooing. It saves your time in the morning as well. You probably stand in front of the mirror for dark lips and try to change them by applying different types of tint or lipsticks. But after getting lip tattooing, you don’t have to this type of stuff as it is a permanent lip color for your dark lips.



While taking treatment of lip blushing, a small device with small needles is used. Sometimes it is a painful process. But our experts do it without delivering much pain. We first numb it so that you don’t have to feel it much. Another factor that should be considered here is that the pain of lip tattooing also depends on how much pain he can tolerate. Still, don’t worry. The process is not as painful as you think.


During this process, you have to take extra care of your lips. Such as don’t go in the direct sunlight. Also, avoid a swearing workout. Swelling and redness will be noticed, which is not a big deal. It will be recovered with time as you have done dark lip correction treatment. So tolerate these types of stuff. In that period, we ask our clients to come for an occasional checkup. So that we can see whether it is healing or not. Certain types of ointment are given to you as well.

As we have told, the healing process is not much time consuming, and you will see your desired results within a month. An excellent lip tint is available for you. Try it once.


Lip blushing is a cosmetic procedure that required multi-layer tattooing. If talking about the average cost price, it varies within the range of $500 to $800. But due to the multiple layers, services and sessions cost can be much higher. Another advantage Ailis beauty lab is providing that we do this procedure in the lowest possible budget.

Our team and staff are much cooperative, and our seasonal and monthly packages are commendable and attractive.