Microblading Eyebrows


Microblading eyebrow is a unique way of getting desired eyebrow look. Single mothers and working women are not able to their makeup daily. Their busy life schedule doesn’t allow them to take care of themselves. According to my nothing can be more beneficial for them than permanent makeup. Living in the modern era, we should upgrade ourselves as well. Modern technology demands modern techniques as well as smart work. That’s why getting a permanent makeup look for busy women can be hassle-free.


Our team is consisting beauty professionals with years of experience. We trained them to give top quality services to our customers. Permanent makeup techniques are easily applicable. Most importantly, you are going to get permanent makeup. You should choose the best professionals for it. As with a temporary one, you are not able to remove it. That’s why we are providing top quality experts permanent eyebrow makeup. You will love your outlook after that.



Micro-blading is something like an eyebrow tattoo. But not the same. In micro-blading needle is not gone deep into your skin. It scratches your skin on the outer layer. After that color is chosen, that matches the skin color as well. by this semi-permanent technique, we are able to create the finest and natural look. Experts are also there to advise you in the best possible way.


Micro-blading is a semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. But this makeup is not suitable for everyone. People with particular types of skin allergies or any specific skin disease are not able to get micro-blading. This thing can worst their skin condition. On the other hand, people with normal skin can get it whenever they want. Another you should consider here, we are not recommending micro-blading to oily skin people. These pieces of advice and suggestions are given by our professionals. However, you can still check your skin by booking an appointment. Whether is your skin is suitable for microblading eyebrows or not.


Semi-permanent eye makeup can last up to 12 to 18 months. This duration depends upon how you are taking care of your eyebrows. Most people dye or tint their eyebrows after micro-blading. But this thing is depending upon you. How you are taking care of them.


Ailis beauty lab is offering permanent eye makeup at the lowest possible prices. Our equipment is sterilized, which means no harm can be done to your skin. Furthermore, our custom discounts for our permanent clients are also available. Seasonal discounts in different types of seasons can leave you speechless. With the use of advanced techniques, we assure you that you will get your desired results. And our commendable services will undoubtedly compel you to buy our services gain. Get your appointment now!