Ombre Eyebrows in Portland


Doing makeup daily can be hectic for women. Apart from their busy schedule, they have to maintain their outlook as well. This is one of the reasons that they use makeup to hide their imperfections. It doesn’t mean that they are incomplete without makeup. Actually, women are more presentable as compared to men. That’s why they try the quality of products to make their appearance better. In cosmetics, shaping or doing eyebrows in the morning can be very difficult, especially for working women.

For them, we are introducing a permanent or semi-permanent way of shaping eyebrows for a unique makeup look. A commendable and beautiful ombre eyebrow package is waiting for you.


A question asked by most of my clients. Unlike tattooing, it is a semi-permanent of making and styling eyebrow with the help of a small device that places tiny dots on the upper layer of epidermal skin. Our professionals and trained staff have done this process in the most effective way. Furthermore, if you are thinking about the pain, let me tell you that a tolerable pain will be felt.



Every day in the morning, a working woman does her best to look exceptional at her working place. But most women neglect skin conditions. Does it mean which type of skin do you have? Which kind of product is suitable for your skin? The same goes for permanent makeup. Ombre’ eyebrow is also a semi-permanent makeup technique. But unlike microblading, an ombre’ brow is suitable for oily and sensitive skin.

Leaning in front of the mirror each morning can be tough to refill your eyebrows. Getting Ombre’ eyebrow treatment saves you from extra touchup to your eyebrows. Furthermore, it gives you more precise and filled brows.


Most people are concerned about this aspect. They ask, does the healing process takes much time? In how many weeks our eyebrow get recovered? Let me tell you healing process is not as stressful as you think. Your eyebrows get healed within two to three weeks. And it will not flake like micro-blading. Just a lit bit of care can save you from any damage.


An amazing ombre’ eyebrow treatment can be done in a budget-friendly package. On average, we see people are charging $500, and this price can be increased up to $1000.


Shadow brows or powder brows are famous for their fantastic unique look. Ladies who carry makeup on day to day basis are indulged in it compared to the other ones. Ailis beauty lab in Portland is famous for its outstanding job. Our exceptional and cost-friendly packages are attractive. Moreover, custom discounts for our permanent clients are also available. Aesthetic seasonal discount offers will leave you speechless.