Doing an eyebrow monthly can be a hectic task for a busy woman. In today’s world, everyone is busy performing day-to-day activities to make their lives worth living. But for a working woman, it is also important to look fresh and healthy at offices. For this, they apply makeup daily. Some of them rely on permanent cashmere eyebrows makeup. 

Furthermore, most of them try to get tattooed eyebrows. Our PMU services also include cashmere eyebrows or tattooed eyebrows. This process is being done by using the latest and advanced technology.


Cashmere eyebrow is a process that is done by a combination of stroking and shading. This process is not much time-consuming. It hardly needs one and a half hours to two hours without giving you much pain. The device and needle are used to give your eyebrows an exceptional and natural look. The process is usually done within 4 to 5 steps. But one thing you should consider here is you are not able to get your eyebrows for 24 hours after the process is being done.



We, as a woman want perfection in our face. Whether it’s lips or cheeks, we want clear crystal skin. At the time, these processes can be costly. But congratulations, AILIS beauty lab is offering cashmere brow services at an affordable price, and our hardworking beauticians do their job well. you will be amazed by getting your pretty look cashmere eyebrows in no time. This cashmere eyebrow can last for 2 to 3 years.

But here is one more concern, it is advisable to moisturize your eyebrows daily for at least eight weeks. Peeling and other temporary rashes can occur. No harm can be done by these rashes. So, you don’t need to worry about them. After eight weeks, it is done. Move freely here and there with a pretty fantastic look.


Most people are afraid of getting this treatment. As they think their skin will be harmed or hair growth can be affected. But let us tell you that we do this process so that it doesn’t harm any sensitive skin. Even our devices and needles are sterilized. So no germs and other skin issues can occur.


Our services are usually given at budget-friendly prices. But for our customer’s concern, we offer seasonal discounts and other packages too. And a pretty excellent look compelled them to book our services again. So what are you waiting for? Our experts are here to help you. Get your tattooed eyebrows now. Ailis beauty lab is here to help you.

Shaping eyebrows for makeup to look good is not an easy task. But tattooed eyebrows don’t require much finishing. It can save our time as well. Pretty look cashmere eyebrows are suitable for every skin. Long term results can be expected.