pros and cons of tattoo

The thing that is common nowadays for self-expression and aesthetic beauty is the tattoo. It also helps you to cover up your marks. A tattoo is the type of body changing on your body using ink and needles. Tattoos are of two types i-e, permanent tattoo, and temporary tattoo. Both types are different in their functioning. Besides the trend, there are many pros and cons of tattoos.

Pros of having a tattoo:

1. Immunity: 

It can enhance your immunity according to recent research, Maybe you are thinking about how a tattoo can enhance immunity, the thing is it enhances your immune response. How is it possible? When you are having a tattoo you are entering external agencies which provoke your immune system.

2. Self-expression:

Tattoos are a source of self-expression. Through a tattoo, you are changing your body or adding something to it. The signs of tattoos may express your personality, culture or anything associated with you so it is a source of self-expression.

3. Beauty: 

Some people also make tattoos for their beauty for example sometimes they make tattoos for hiding a mark.  Sometimes they draw tattoos that help them to look more attractive and beautify

4. To cover scars

Sometimes we had a serious accident that not only affects us emotionally but also physically such that some scars remain on our bodies. To get rid of that thing, to cover the scars some people also drew the tattoo

5. Way of art: 

Many of us are art-loving. Tattoos are the true expression of art and often it is not temporary but permanent makeup. It means you are having an art piece on your body.

Cons of having a tattoo:

1. Affect your career:

Nowadays tattoo is too much trending that every second person has a tattoo whether at their hand or arms. But some companies don’t allow tattoos. So, it’s impossible for skilled people having tattoos to find a job or to remain at a post of a specific job even though he has is a professional expert.

2. Risk of health:

As the ink is used in a tattoo, some ink causes hyper responses. In licensed parlor cleanliness of the customer is a priority but the places where it has been ignored causes a risk of health. The needles that aren’t sterilized are the big cause of infections which may lead to severe diseases like HIV e.t.c.

So special care is necessary in this regard.

3. Old Fashioned:

Like everything tattoos too have trends and it lasts for a long time.  What do you think after 10 or 15 years isn’t your tattoo is going to be old-fashioned? Despite the trend, it may be possible you want to change the design as it’s human nature he becomes a bore due to same single thing for a long time.

4. Painful: 

The procedure of getting a tattoo is very painful. It needs your great tolerance and patience. So, if you have that patience then go for that tattoo otherwise half of the tattoo is not only useless but also seems bad.

5. Allergic:

Some people have sensitive skin and tattoos can cause allergies to their skin.

These are some pros and cons of tattoos but I must say if you are going to get a tattoo with all precautions then it is worth and in our parlors, we take care of every single thing that is close to health. For more details feel free to book an appointment with us.


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