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Have you ever experienced hair loss or hair thinning? Do you keep on trying hair-restoration products that you’ve seen in the media, but are not satisfied with the results? 

Today, we’ll discuss two methods for returning your hair to its actual beauty, or as close to it as feasible. The first is Scalp Micropigmentation, and the second is hair transplant. We’ll compare the two so you can see the differences and decide which is best for you. 


Scalp Micropigmentation

In scalp micro pigmentation, Microneedling and pigment are used to replicate small hair follicles across the area of hair loss, giving the appearance of a short buzz cut. 

Scalp micro pigmentation can be used to hide hair transplant scarring, restore hairlines, and thicken existing hair. Hair transplants are performed on one out of every three Scalp Micro USA clients. 

Hair transplant

It is a type of surgery that involves relocating existing hair to fill in areas where there is a lack of hair or none at all. Hair is taken from a donor location, usually the back of the head, and implanted into the balding area. Hair transplantation has been around since the 1950s and is a well-known surgical operation. 


Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation is, on average, far less expensive than a hair transplant, allowing people to acquire hair loss therapy without breaking the bank. It is quite affordable for people.

Hair transplants

 Hair transplants can be costly and damaging to one’s bank account. Also, because it is surgery, you should anticipate being out of work for some time. 

Associated Pain

Scalp Micropigmentation

For some people, scalp micro pigmentation is unpleasant in different ways. Your pain threshold determines how much pain you will experience. It is, however, not as painful as a regular tattoo. Cosmetic tattoos, on the other hand, simply apply pigment to the upper dermis of the skin. You also don’t require any recovery time. 

Hair transplant

 Since the skin is numbed by applying local anesthesia, you won’t experience any pain during the hair transplant operation. During the surgery, you can also sleep and wake up feeling fresh all the time. The next few days may be uncomfortable, and your doctor may prescribe medicines to help you cope. You will be able to resume your normal routine 3 to 5 days after surgery. 

The Best Solution for Bald or Thinning Hair

Hair transplant surgery and scalp micro pigmentation both have their own set of advantages. Scalp micro pigmentation can enhance a hair transplant or cover the scar at the donor site, thus some people choose both treatments. If you want to avoid surgery and keep the look of a buzz cut, micro pigmentation can be the best alternative. 

If you want to have surgery to add fullness to your thinning hair or to physically restore your hairline, hair transplant surgery may be a suitable option in that scenario. Hair transplantation replaces the lost hair with the patient’s original hair, whereas micro-pigmentation simply gives the illusion of additional hair. For more information feel free to contact us.