types of eyelash extensions

Eyelash is one of the attractive parts of your eyes. It’s one wink that can make another person your fan. If you are looking to add volume, lift eyelashes, then eyelash extensions are best for you. Moreover, if you are tired of putting on mascara and want to get rid of it then eyelash enhancement is the solution for you. There are the necessary things that we should ponder before going for eyelash extension which is following

Eye shape, size, eyelids orientation. Most importantly, if you have any allergies or sensitivities do consult with a permanent makeup artist before. Even we discussed it in our consultation process.

There are different types of eyelash extensions.

Types of eyelash extensions

Types of eyelash extensions depend upon the material from which it is made. The material either extracted from animal fur or material made by man. 

Lash extensions from Mink:

This type of lash extension is not extracted from ordinary minks; even these are made from the fur of Chinese and Siberian minks. If you are a beginner then this type of lash extension is most suitable for you. Its weight is light. It gives your eyes a natural and fluffy look. But if you have allergy concerns related to animal fur then you should avoid this. 

Sable Lash extensions:

If you are looking for the thinnest eyelash extensions then sable eyelash extensions are the best match for you. Its weight is very low and gives you a wispy look. But if you are allergic to animal fur then avoid this because it is made from animal hairs.

Fox lash extensions:

It is a modern eyelash and trending nowadays. Moreover, it is a rare type of eyelash extension and not available in all salons. It is available in both tips: black and dyed ones. Again if you are allergic to animal fur then don’t go for it. 

Lash extensions from mink, sable lash extensions, fox lash extensions all are extracted from animal fur and need to be curled. Moreover, it is not good for people who are allergic to animal fur. You have a choice of man-made eyelash extensions too.

Types of man-made eyelashes extensions

Types of man-made extensions are following

Faux mink and fox eyelashes extensions

 If you want mink or fox eyelashes extensions but are allergic to animal fur then this is the best choice for you because it gives you that look but its material is man-made which prevents you from being allergic. The quality is always high and it is comfortable to wear.

Silk eyelashes extension:

These lashes aren’t made from silk but it looks like it. It is a little bit heavier than the above ones and used for special occasions.

Synthetic eyelashes extensions:

This type of eyelashes is the heaviest one with a shiny look.

XD eyelashes extensions:

It is one of the trending eyelashes available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 dimensions. Its application method is different and takes time to apply.


These are all the descriptions of types of eyelash extensions but if still, you find any ambiguity feel free to contact us.

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