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As it is evident from the name, Combo Brows is a gorgeous combination of microblading and powder shading that adds a layer of shine and cosmetics to your brows while creating hyper-realistic hair strokes. This is a lovely alternative for customers who want a “fluffy” look on the brows but require a little more solidity in the middle. 

Indications for Combo Brows

Combo Brows is ideal for people with normal to oily skin. The powder approach creates full-bodied brows for people with patchy or sparse brows, while the microblading technique retains natural hair strokes, which is especially beneficial for those with thin brow hairs. 

Cost of Procedure

The cost of the procedure varies from salon to salon aesthetician to aesthetician. However, the average cost for combo brows is almost $450 

The Procedure of Combo Brows

Once you’ve searched and selected the artist you like, you’ll most likely come in for a consultation. Take your time deciding who and where you want to receive treatment from, as your safety and comfort are always the most crucial factors. In ideal conditions, you’ll discover someone eager to work with you to allay your anxieties and answer your questions as they arise. Always look at an artist’s portfolio or a testimonial from someone who has previously worked with them to get a sense of their previous experience. 

You’ll schedule an initial session with an artist once you’ve found the one you like and have a brow design strategy in mind. This will usually be about any allergies you may have, as well as any general worries you may have, as well as the fun stuff like how you want your brow region to appear. Your artist might even sketch out a functioning design for you so you can see how the finished product will look. 

Once you’re pleased with the previous experience, you’ll schedule another appointment to have perfect combo brows. This should just take a few hours, if that, and you’ll be on your way to having the best brow design money can buy. 

Post-Procedure Care

For the next two weeks, there will be no swimming pools, Jacuzzis, or other bodies of water

  • For 4 weeks after your operation, do not tint, bleach, color, or apply a brow lamination. 
  • For 7-10 days after your procedure, avoid heavy sweating, going to the gym, or exercising. 
  • For two weeks, do not use any cosmetics on the tattooed region. Cosmetics of any kind will obstruct your brows’ healing and color. 
  • During the healing process, avoid using oils or petroleum-based treatments. 
  • After 30 days, you may resume your normal skincare regimen. Botox, fillers, and face treatments are among the procedures available. 
  • While the treated region heals, avoid using anti-acne products or skin lightening agents
  • After your tattoo has healed, please advise the laser technician whether you are undergoing laser resurfacing or laser hair removal. Laser treatments may cause the tattooed area to darken, lighten, or discolor (continue at your discretion). 


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