what is a lash lift

What is a lash lift?

 It is one of the emerging cosmetic procedures which are getting common among the public due to its wonderful results. It is the process of uplifting of eyelashes that makes the eyelashes elongated, thick, curly, and thus appear beautiful. It provides the permanent curling of eyelashes which diminishes the need of using mascara daily. It is a very simple and affordable technique but quite painful during the application. It changes the appearance of a person by providing a younger, charming and attractive look. The feature enhancing the character of this procedure makes it more fascinating and popular.

The procedure is more appealing among young girls who want to get rid of the daily hustle of mascara by having a permanent alternative. The procedure seems to be very frightening and painful but the reality is entirely different.

Performance of lash lift

A lash shift is performed by a certified and experienced permanent makeup artist who has gone through the entire knowledge that what is a lash lift? This is because the results produced depend upon the expertise of the professional.

Being a cosmetic procedure it is performed in consideration of the desire and wants of the customer. The consultant provides the best advice after reviewing the customer’s desires.

First of all the eye area is cleanest with the help of a suitable cleanser. Then silicon roads are placed onto the eyelids. The eyelashes of the person are attached to the road by using some adhesive material. After positioning of eyelids appropriately, the therapist applies a lifting lotion onto the lashes so that they can be molded around the rod placed.

This whole procedure takes 45 to 60 minutes to complete.

Post-procedure care

Post-procedure care is very much necessary to enjoy the excellent results of the procedure. The customer is provided several advisory measures by the consultant to be aware of that what is a lash lift and what measures are required after the procedure?

After getting the procedure of lash shift, any sort of makeup is avoided. Use of mascara on the lashes is strictly prohibited for two days. Use of water for the face is not allowed to avoid the contact of water with eyelashes.

 For the nourishment of eyelashes, moisturizing oil is applied to let eyelashes grow actively. This procedure imparts aesthetic changes to your natural eyelashes and lets them look more captivating.

What are the side effects of a lash shift?

The already present literature does not throw very much light on what is a lash lift and its side effects. However, many signs and symptoms of allergic reaction have been observed associated with this procedure. Some other side effects seen after taking less shift procedure include:

  • Irritation in eyes
  • Dryness in eyes
  • Sensitivity of skin
  • Erythema
  • Inflammation on the treated area
  • Blistering

Various solutions used during the treatment come in contact with the eyes which result in burning or ulceration. Rubbing such an irritated eye results in the triggering of trauma.


A lash shift is considered to be a safe procedure to get a permanent makeup of eyelashes. But the ones who have experienced this procedure report some associated risks. These risk factors can be reduced if the practitioner is highly skilled and treatment is carried out in inappropriate conditions considering all the preventive measures.

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