What is Nanoblading?

Nanoblading is a revolutionary treatment that uses ultra-fine nanoneedles to stimulate the diameter and dimension of genuine hair in the skin. 

It’s a sort of cosmetic tattooing that only gets into the upper dermis via the top layer of the skin, thus it’s not as deep as a typical tattoo. We can also regard it as a permanent makeup treatment.

Nano Blading for Eyebrows

Nano Blading for eyebrows involves creating hair-like tattoo strokes with colored ink and an extremely fine needle. These strokes resemble real hair. Nanoblading fills in sparse, thin eyebrows to give them a fuller appearance

Not only can this procedure thicken your brows, but it can also modify the curve of your brows. 

Comparison of Microblading with Nano Blading

Both Microblading with Nano Blading provide natural-looking, but accentuated brows that endure a long time. The equipment and the procedures are the key differences between microblading and nanoblading. 

The most major distinction between nanoblading and microblading, and the primary reason why many clients prefer nanoblading over microblading eyebrows, is that nanoneedles inflict substantially less skin harm than the microblading instrument. 

The thin diameter of the nanoneedle keeps the pigment from penetrating too deep into the skin. However, with microblading the cuts are exceedingly narrow because the nanoneedle is so thin. 

The Procedure of Nano blading

In Nano blading, a thin, single-needle tattoo machine is used to inject pigment into the skin more deeply than microblading. 

Nano brows, compared to microblading, are a little softer on the skin and the pain is quite bearable. This is because it employs ultra-small needles, it causes less stress to the skin, and is more mobile. When compared to microblading, it’s also easier to apply. 

Nano blading is also said to be less painful, with a quicker recovery time. After the treatment, you will notice some swelling, but it will subside in one night. 

Lasting Ability

Nano brows usually stay longer than microbladed brows because the pigment is infused deeper with nano blading. Depending on your complexion and life activities, nano brows can last anywhere from two to three years. 

This procedure is suitable for all skin types, although if you have oily or textured skin, nano blading is usually the better option. This is because nano brows are designed to remain longer. Other biological factors, such as hormone imbalance and pre-existing medical disorders, can still affect longevity. 

The only disadvantage of a longer nano brow lifespan is that you won’t be able to modify it for a few years.

Cost for Nano Blading

The cost of a method starts at $500 and can cost up to $2,000 (depending on other factors). Because no blading is a more labor-intensive process than microblading, it can be slightly more expensive (about $100 to $200). 

Lower pricing or special offers can still be found, but they are not always genuine. The most likely explanation for low rates is inexperience, and it’s advisable not to take any chances with such a sensitive procedure on your face. 

Postprocedure care

  • Maintain your new brows by keeping them clean and dirt-free.
  • Avoid the use of creams, soaps, or make-up as their cruel ingredients can harm your brows. 
  • Excessive heat or cold should not be applied to the treated regions until the healing process is complete. 
  • Take proper sun protection. Avoid unnecessary sun exposure.


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